Art, Design and Technology

Imazh Sazan Honar company, operating as SIMIYA GROUP, is a multidisciplinary compilation of talented people interested in creating new media and interactive art in performance and game joint connectivity.
The most valuable achievement of the Simiya group is its artists, who create and connect different contexts to make actual new media art. The Simiya team consists of artists in the field of puppetry theater, painters, creative coders, sound designers, game developers, etc.
Simiya group tries to involve the audience with the plot through immersive set design and gamified storytelling. The result is an interactive creation that developed in the theater scene. It invites the audience to take the role in the play; in that role, there is a massive opportunity for educational purposes, especially for kids.
The main office is in Toronto, Canada. (More Information)

Honey Hoseiny

Director, Performer

Arman Moghadam

Visual Artist, Creative coder

Sina Shoaie

Sound designer, Composer

Majid Kiamehr

sculptor, Visual Artist, Creative Coder

Kian Hosein

Sound designer, Composer

Kian Hosein

Sound designer, Composer

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