Environs through time

Environs Through Time


This interactive installation subjects the definition of generative tribes and patterns considering the effect of time over geographical changes in traditions and regional dances. Participants are a part of the piece, helping to generate the art.
As distinctive features of each trice differentiates the moves in their dance, through the movement of gallery attendees a form will be extracted by recording their texture and color.
The irregular patterns will create an unpredictable digital generative art, pronting it on an image processor. 
The generated images will create a dynamic yet familiar form made from the placement of the attendees themselves as they are watching their biological essence just like a mirror with the ability to change with the effect of the audience.
To achieve this, the attendees will face their own digital reflection at the entrance gate of the gallery and get familiarized with the interactive nature of the room. 
Through this process, a unique digital label is set on each visitor.
The main wall has a fluid texture, mimicking the desert and the sea with elements inspired by the jungle and the mountains. 
These visual and vocal patterns change influenced by the movement of visitors in the room.