Z Stone

Z Stone

If stones could speak, Z Stone would be the spirited rock that yearns to sing! Our challenge was to transform an ordinary exhibition booth into a tranquil haven amidst the bustling Tehran stone exhibition. But not just any tranquility – we aimed for a Far Eastern-themed sanctuary. Intriguing, isn’t it? For our second collaboration with Z Stone, we were eager to embrace this unique opportunity.

Picture this: amidst the clamor, a cocoon of serenity welcomes you, with soothing Eastern melodies gently enveloping your senses. This was the atmosphere we envisioned. But how did we connect this to Z Stone’s exquisite stones? By drawing inspiration from Zen, water, and a delightful twist – interactive games!

Enter the Zen Table – not just an ordinary piece of furniture, but a portal to another world. Imagine a waist-high, decorative pool table filled with tranquil waters. Now, visualize Z Stone’s beautiful, round stone balls, gracefully gliding on the water’s surface.
As visitors interacted with the stones, they sprang to life, leaving trails of mesmerizing light waves dancing in harmony. This experience was not only visually captivating but also enriched with auditory feedback. It felt as though the stones were serenading us, their movements weaving a symphony of light and water, reflecting the harmony of nature.

Let’s explore the creative process behind this enchantment. By fusing machine vision calibration with generative animation, each stone became an interactive element. As you engaged with them, they reacted with enthralling light and melodious sound. The biggest hurdle? Ensuring the emitted waves of light followed each ball’s intricate dance on the water. It was a departure from our usual work, but a challenge we relished!

What truly set this apart was not merely the Zen ambiance or the captivating interaction, but the reactions it evoked. This was not just a booth; it was a playground for curiosity. People laughed, played, wondered, and left their mark – not only on the stones but also in their memories. It was about more than observation; it was about experiencing – feeling the stones, connecting with the ripples, and rekindling our inner childlike wonder.

In the heart of chaos, Z Stone’s booth became an oasis of serenity and connection. It was a testament to innovation, an invitation to embrace playful curiosity, and a reflection of our core values. Our journey with Z Stone wasn’t merely about designing a booth; it was about curating an experience – one that whispered songs of the East reverberated with visitors’ laughter, and resonated with the beauty of nature. And that’s how Z Stone rocked the Zen vibe in the most remarkable way!