The Secret of Ganjoor

“The Secret of Ganjoor” is a digital, interactive game-theater for children. We call it ‘game-theater’ because it combines digital games and theater. It’s also interactive, so four representatives of children step-up on the scene to help Ganjoor (The primary role of the theater) in his quest also, others among the audience could help them from far away; as the children decide how to solve riddles, break the spells and finally pass the pathway to the next level. 


The play of this game-theater is based on Iranian mythology. The story is about Ganjoor and­ Palasht.
Palasht is a demon [the name suggests such a connotation], and how he has stolen the happiness from the hearts of people, and Ganjoor – a ten-year-old boy – is the only one who can defeat him because the spell of Palasht (can only work on grown-ups and not the children).

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Directors: Honey Hoseiny & Marzieh Naderi
Actors & Puppeteers: Soha Ardam, Honey Hoseiny, Ramin Cohen, Matin Goudarzi
Video Mapping & Interactive Media Maker: Arman Moghadam
Puppet Designer: Sadaf Bigdeli
Costume Designer: Marzieh Naderi
Illustrator: Aryan Hasanvandi
Sound Designer: Soheil Soheili
Poster Designer: Rafat Hashemi & Marzieh Sarmashghi
Animation department: Masoud Jafari, Aryan Hasanvandi, Arman Moghadam
Game Designer: Arman Moghadam, Honey Hoseiny
Assistant Director: Massi Arvaz
Second Assistant Director: Mohamad Ayani

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